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Published: 02nd August 2011
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Did you know Google ranks your site according to the amount of high
pagerank backlinks a website has. If you have a website and you do not
have good high page rank websites with links on those sites pointing to
your website then you could potentially lose out on gaining Google's
trust / authority for your website.

You see Google likes to rank websites highly in the search engine if
they have quality pagerank links pointing to them. Obtaining high
pagerank links are the biggest challenge any website owner faces but yet
people who are not aware of this and can spend months getting ordinary
backlinks and not know why they are still not ranking well.

The problem is not only finding these backlinks but also spiting out the
data and submitting links to those pages in an easy to use way.

You can do this manually using Yahoo site explorer but it only gives you
the link count, it doesn't give you pagerank data for each site and if
you do find pagerank data it doesn't collect the data in an easy to use
fashion so that you can submit to only sites that have good pagerank and

I currently am using Backlink Profit Monster to automate this process,
it can save all the manual work and handle the submissions on autopilot,
there is nothing else like it.

Dofollow are the opposite of Nofollow, Google seems to just invent and
patent everything and it just so happens that their algorithm not only
places weight on pagerank which I mentioned in the earlier email but
also dofollow.

In a nutshell dofollow is counted as link juice and passes this juice
accordingly to any site that it links to. If you are not obtaining
backlinks from sites that send you a dofollow link you are not being
counted as a link and Google will ignore it.

Backlink Profit Monster Powerful Link Building Software

You can usually check this by clicking in your browser > view >
page source and see if your backlink has the nofollow script, if it does
then your link is considered not important to Google. Having said that
nofollow is not totally useless, Yahoo and Bing do not see this as any
different as their algorithm does not imply this code.

You want to make sure that your site still has some nofollow backlinks
to appear to be natural to Google. If Google see you only have high
pagrank links it an raise alarm bells so always remember to mix up your
sites backlinks with nofollow as well but make sure the majority are
dofollow for maximum results.

This is actually true, many fail to realize or understand that blog
comments on other relevant blogs to your niche are extremely valuable
especially if they allow you to add your custom anchor text.

Imagine being able to instead of just using your name as anchor text you
can use the keywords your trying to rank for as anchor text? All well
said and done but finding sites that allow you to post anchor text links
are a mission in itself.

In the past you have to go to the blog itself scroll to the comment area
to see if other comments allow this.

Well not with Backlink Profit Monster which I have been using and I can
tell you it does just that. It simplifies the process and goes out and
searches for relevant sites in your niche that allow anchor text, it
does all the work for you.

How cool is that?!

Backlink Profit Monster Powerful Link Building Software

This all depends on the competition, if you find that the top 10 results
in Google let's say are ranked for the keywords "make money online" and
if you study their backlink count, some are ranked higher then others
with fewer backlinks and the reason is those fewer backlinks they have
are dofollow, high page rank backlinks.

But their competitors have more backlinks and are ranked below them
because they have low page rank backlinks and have more nofollow links
then them.

So the trick is less is more, particularly if you are getting dofollow
and high pagerank backlinks there is no need to go out and get thousands
of links if you know what you are doing.

I hope this very important tip steers you in the right direction.

This has to do with 2 things, first thing is your competitor/s may have
less outgoing backlinks (OBL) so they are giving out less juice to other
sites then you are and secondly this has to do with the fact that they
are using their anchor text in their backlinks for the keywords they are
ranking for more then you are.

Always remember that when you are getting backlinks they not only have
to have dofollow and high pagerank but also have the anchor text in the
backlink you are trying to rank for. Again Backlink Profit Monster
simplifies this process and makes it very easy to do.

I highly recommend you get onboard and use their software and watch how
you too can dominate the search engines just like I have done.

They are currently offering this software at just $97 from the $247
price tag. I suggest you secure a copy before you miss out on this
amazing deal.

Click the link below for the special $97 offer:

Ever wanted to completely dominate your competitors in Google? Ever
wanted to have high pagerank quality backlinks money cannot buy?

This breakthrough link building software seamlessly scours the internet
for quality links to post on. It is a truly cutting edge system and is
nothing else out there like it.

Here is a breakdown on what Backlink Profit Monster 2.0 consists of:

- Get relevant backlink data using the keyword research admin. -
Identify the top 10 competitors based on any niche. - Drill down on
competitors backlinks. - Analyze their backlinks easily to determine
which have high pagerank and are dofollow so you can submit to. - Create
and export a list for you to easily post your link to the most
important sites. - Auto post blog comments without doing the commenting
manually. (This is genius)

Guys also get this… This software was valued to sell at $247 but for a
limited time during launch of 2.0 we are almost giving this away at just
$97, this is an offer you cannot miss.

If you are serious about building links in very little time with hardly
any effort then this powerful tool is your answer,

Secure your copy now:
Backlink Profit Monster Powerful Link Building Software
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